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Runoff commanding heights Detail decides success or failure
The commanding heights of the details determine success or failure.

荣  泰  集 


Rongtai Construction Group won the honor of “Comprehensive Well-off Prominent Contribution Unit”

         Recently, Rongtai Construction Group was awarded by the China Society of Well-off Construction “Comprehensive Well-off Outstanding Contribution Unit”.


        Rongtai Construction Group draw strength from society to develop, repaying the society. Since its establishment, Rongtai Group has insisted on assuming social responsibility, actively participating in public welfare undertakings, and promoting the construction of a comprehensive well-off society. The Group actively responds to the call of the government and participates in the east-west poverty alleviation cooperation work. In the pairing work of Longnan of Gansu Province and Anshun of Guizhou Province, the Group has done a lot of effective and practical work in the aspects of project construction, assistance funds and market development of local specialty products and actively participated in the West Coast New District Charity Foundation,  Tencent Charity , Changjiang Charity, Weichen Charity and other social charity and donation activities.